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                           i’m kylee || photographer. traveler. writer. reader. music lover. 

what i'm all about:

i currently live in scottsdale, arizona; however, i feel like a gypsy who lives out of her suitcase more often than not.  i am in love with my job and am forever grateful to my clients who have trusted me enough to photograph one of, if not the most, important days of their lives.  if i had a superpower, it would be to apparate {big harry potter fan}. that way i could travel around the world a lot quicker.  i love road trips and exploring new cities.

what is your love all about? 

i want to know.  i love my couples.  let’s meet up and chat about your story.  i’d love to capture your day in a sincere way, filled with emotion, that allows you to forever look back at your wedding photos and feel exactly what your day was like: the nervous butterflies and all. i want you to have something tangible that portrays intimate moments with all of your loved ones. i truly believe you can be touched by a photo in a way that memories alone cannot replicate.  images supplement those memories and give them life.  when you’ve been married so long you forget who was in the bridal party or how you cried when seeing each other for the first time, you will have those photos to look back on.