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Natalie & Bryan

"They say opposites attract; well that is the case with Bryan and I.  We compliment each other in the most beautiful of ways that make our relationship a masterpiece (well, at least in my eyes).  Bryan and I met on the dance floor as he was dancing with no rhythm whatsoever.  He came up to me and asked me to dance.  I had to say yes because for some reason it was absolutely adorable the way he approached me.  As I was dancing with Bryan, I started to get to know him, and he continually made me laugh. (He didn't know it at the time, but I was slowly improving his dance moves as we went.)  I feel like that first dance will forever be in my head and kicked off our spontaneous, trusting, and most definitely fun relationship.  We quickly became inseparable.  I drive him crazy with my wild and free gypsy soul, while he is the most patient, loving, caring, and handsome man I know.  He came into my life and showed me what love really is.  He has never tried to change me.  I feel like the past seven years together have flown by. I am happy to say as of April 2017, this man is my fiancĂ©!"


Kylee Patterson