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so it's 110 degrees outside and only getting hotter here in the beautiful state of arizona.  before I decided to pursue photography as a full-time career, I seriously debated becoming a teacher.  I love to teach.  I only took on a few arizona summer weddings this year in hopes of moving into my new home and working on some other business ventures I've had in the works.  Well, I'm all moved into my new place and ready to widen the scope of what I do career-wise.  I always have people asking me questions about photography, cameras, settings, lenses, lighting, editing, etc.  I keep telling people I'm going to offer classes soon, and the time has finally come.  The classes will take place at my home in Scottsdale, Arizona.  I don't know about you, but I am all about hands-on learning.  I took two different beginning workshops when I was starting out and both inspired me and gave me a different perspective on how to approach things.  Any art, like photography, has an infinite amount of ways to grow and change.  Come to class and meet some people with similar interests; sometimes it's difficult to find others who share your same passions.  I'm starting out small, but extra classes will be continually added.  



+understanding the basics: moving away from auto: do you feel limited when taking photos?  do you wish you knew how to control more specific aspects of your photos?  let's get together and learn how to shift from auto mode newbies into manual mode masters. we'll go through terminology while also putting each into perspective when we take out our cameras and start shooting.  similar to being a hands on learner, I always benefit from putting what I'm learning in action to master my understanding of the concept.  let's work together and own our cameras - not the other way around.   

july 21st and july 24th || 5:30-7:00pm


+how to make a wedding day run asap: as smooth as possible:  i'm really excited about this class.  after shooting 100+ weddings since January of 2015, i sure hope i have some knowledge to share with anyone who wants to shoot weddings that may be a little (or a lot) intimidated or anyone who currently shoots weddings who may want tips of how I run wedding days (and all of the days leading up to it).

july 18th and  july 20th || 6:00-7:30pm


+live shoot: a couple's session: sure your job is easy when you're working with two professional models who decided to get married to each other and have you photograph their big day.  how often does this happen? never.  consider yourself one in a million if you are gifted with this booking, and send them my way if you are already booked.  The majority of people who hire a wedding photographer have probably been in family photos, senior photos, and the subject for their aunt's new prospective photography career.  My point is, your job as the photographer is to make sure they are comfortable - with you, the location, any posing you may have them do, and with each other.  Let's photograph a couple together and see what we can create; you'll get to watch how I approach shoots and have your own turn to take their photos and ask for suggestions/feedback.  the live shoot will take place indoors for the most part due to the fact that i don't want my models or students getting heat stroke.  if you're intimidated by shooting indoors, this will be another thing we'll cover.

july 25th || 5:00-6:30pm




*If the dates above do not work for you, you can always get in touch with me about scheduling a different time/day that works for you.  I listed evening classes figuring more people would be able to attend after the work day, but if enough people have their mornings/afternoons open, I will add additional time slots. 


{{Each 1.5 hour class listed above will be available at the promotional price of $100/attendee.}} there will be a cap on the class size in order for each attendee to receiver adequate attention, help, and support.}


**What else would you like to learn about? I'd love for you guys to e-mail me with any questions and/or suggestions.


kylee :)